Offshore Outsourcing

As an offshore software development center, our dedicated teams of software developers can focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing our expertise and saving you unnecessary costs for implementing a local team.
Why Choose us

Benefits Of offshore outsourcing

Wondering how to lower your development costs but improve your software quality? Make your offshore development center today to reduce operating expenses and raise productivity. The offshore development center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.


Shorter Timeframe

Selecting an ODC on the other side of the globe can speed up application development by facilitating a 24-hour workday, where someone is always working on the project.

Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

At Rankify Technologies, our professionals always adopt the client’s norms, standards, and work environment while focusing on domain knowledge, skills, and products.

Knowledge Retention

Rankify Technologies guarantees that all knowledge shared during the project remains within the center even if there is a change in staff, ensuring that exceptional development services can be provided to the client for years to come.

Technology Expertise & Innovation

Rankify Technologies has experienced developers with knowledge in multiple development platforms and integration technologies. We provide an array of service models to consider for your project, including custom software development, AI implementation, mobile apps, and web development.

Faster Deployment & Scalability

By utilizing an ODC, you can access the technical expertise and talent needed to update your software in a faster timeframe than using in-house resources. By outsourcing for your ODC needs, we’ve also created a scalable model that allows us to meet any demand that comes your way.

On Time

Finally, our offshore development center professionals always strive to adhere to their deadlines, so our clients don’t ever have to worry about us delivering our products late. We have enough flexibility in resource utilization to focus our efforts where – and when – they’re needed most